Good pace and personal best results so far on day two at Phillip Island by BMW Racing Team Toth.

Imre Toth Jr. finished in P24 with 58 laps in the bag, the best time was 1:36:112.

Imre's words after today:

We are happy because after the tough first day, today we made some progress. With almost 500 on track kilometers under our belts,a lot of good track and bike data are finally available for us, which was badly needed after arriving here without a single inch of testing. The team is going to change the engine block for Friday, because we tested with a simple stock one which was in the bike by default. Some suspension changes are coming too, and we are hoping for better laptimes and higher top speeds for the weekend.”

Gabor Rizmayer was almost a second faster than his personal best from yesterday, he completed 43 laps finished in P23 with 1:35:351

Gabor's quote:

The morning session was amazing for me, I made a huge step forward with a different gearbox setup and smaller changes on the bike. We tried to use different tires afternoon, but they wasn't that good like the morning ones. I'm happy because I was more than a second faster than yesterday, but we need to work a lot more on the bikes, slowly getting closer to the field.”