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Tough but promising season opener for BMW Racing Team Toth at Phillip Island.

During the warm-up session, Imre completed seven laps, trying to find the best setup for an almost uncontrollable bike.

Imre Toth Jr. words after the first race:

The situation is far from ideal, we failed to make any steps forward. We changed every possible part on the back of the bike but it acted very weird. I tried to ride it at least a dozen different ways, but it was just plain slow, especially in the corners. We will try a different setup in the second race, and focus on the front of the machine. Finding the ideal way of tuning the new frame and parts is very hard without any pre season testing. ”

Imre finished in the 20th position after the checkered flag in the first race, a lap behind the leaders.

The second race was a bit more successful, the race pace was far more better.

Imre Toth Jr. words after the second race:

The changes we made between the two races are made the bike a bit more controllable. The team lost a lot of track time during the whole week, yet the data we collected is priceless and useful. The plan is now the following: The team is going to buy new parts for the Thailand round from the Italian BMW. I'm happy because we finished both races. I really hope my teammate Gabor Rizmayer will be fit to race as soon as possible, after Aragon probably. He will leave the hospital on Monday. I'd like to thank my teams work, all my mechanics, everybody gave 110%.”

Imre finished the second race in the 17th position, a lap behind the leaders.